Under Construction

This will eventually be my blog. I’m Charli Green and I write speculative fiction for the YA crowd. I could go on about who I am and what I plan to do, but I’d rather work on my novel so I have something a little more interesting to share. For now, I’ll leave you with a little about it and a little about me.

The book doesn’t have a title yet, but it takes place in the early years of the 22nd Century, in a small city outside Portland, Oregon. One little medical discovery about 100 years earlier changed a lot for some people, and this is the story of one 16 year old girl and her family, who get caught in the middle. It has action and romance and I hope to share it with you in 2014.

I live in Portland, Oregon and I’m writing this story because it’s something I would’ve loved to read when I was in my teens. I’m one of the Bs, and hardly ever saw myself in the pages of a book without squinting and reading between the lines–and I read a LOT.



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