An answering snippet

ITSNOTOURFAULT_FBThumbOkay kids, it’s snippet time again!

This is another 8 from my YA story “It’s Not Our Fault” and it should answer the nagging question—if Jordan stalks a girl, how can it be a queer romance?

If anyone’s interested in the whole “stalking” thing the rest of the snippets are here.

As usual, please ignore the creative punctuation. The antho was well-edited and as far as I know does not contain such run-on sentences. 🙂

I’ve clipped the end of the scene with Mr. Thrift Store-Preppy, and this starts a new section.



SO, YOU can imagine how I felt the first day of my photography class when I walked in and saw her brother sitting in the exact center of the room, fooling around with the settings on an amazing camera. The guy had the same angelic profile, all the way down to the pretty pink lips. Maybe a twin? But even twins wouldn’t look that much alike. He tilted his head to get a closer look at… something… and slipped his pinkie into his mouth just like— That wasn’t her brother.

I chose the seat closest to the door, in case any part of her—him?—was still angry with any part of me, and tried to forget she was there by looking through some of my photos. I came across one from that day, and it seemed like a good time to study it; I’d been walking on NW Ninth, a few blocks from Powell’s, the focal point of the shot was a particularly striking architectural feature that I couldn’t remember the name of with the scent of vanilla filling the room.


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Aaaaand, scene!

 medium_7566249234It’s the weekend! For those in the US, I hope you’re getting a long one too—I’ve been looking forward to this. 🙂

This week’s snippet gets us almost to the end of poor Jordan’s “awkward, painful experience in Powell’s City of Books.” Please ignore the creative punctuation—my editor wouldn’t let this through on her worst day!

It’s probably obvious, but the first line is Nay’s.


“Asshole, don’t stalk. It’s not sexy, even if you are cute,” she hissed, her cinnamon breath caressing my lips. When her knee moved back up the inside of my thigh, I didn’t think anything of it until it connected, a little too hard, right where I was feeling so good; my on/off switch.


WHEN THE world wasn’t made of pain anymore and I could open my eyes, I found myself slumped on the floor with my back against the stacks. A guy dressed in a strange combination of thrift-store, preppy, and a Powell’s name badge stood over me. “You okay?” He was grinning.

After three tries I could say “Yes.”

“Then you’ll have to leave—you can’t stalk people here, it’s against store policy.”

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The anthology will be released on September 4th, so next week’s snippet will clear up the question that may (or may not) be nagging at you. Nope, not posting the question until then.

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An explosive snippet…


Hola awesome ones!

Here’s another 8 from my upcoming short story “It’s Not Our Fault”, which will be released on September 4th in Harmony Ink’s First Time for Everything anthology! I’ve seen the finished ebook files and I’m so excited for you to see it too! My story is between Jo Ramsey and Andrea Speed’s, which is almost enough to get me to insert my favorite word into the word fantastic. But I won’t do that here, at least not today. 🙂

This snippet picks up where the last one left off. (You can find that one here.) Please forgive my creative punctuation, but I thought this was a good place to leave things.


Before I could say or think anything else, she grabbed my shoulders and shoved me back against the stacks. She pressed her thigh between mine; everything about her seemed larger this close.

“You want to know me naked, you mean,” her knee caressed my inner thigh, higher and higher, and stopped just short of hurting my balls.

“Um, if you want… or not, I mean, sure….” I was shaking and sweating by then, so turned on everything else disappeared. She pressed her body against mine, full length and hard; one of her hands slid between us and squeezed me through my jeans and that ’gasm I’d avoided earlier had its way with me. Somehow I didn’t end up on the floor, and that’s a real mystery. When I opened my eyes, barely an exhale separated the tips of our noses. She was even hotter when she glowered.

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shutterstock_176272790Hola, snippet-lovers!

This snippet skips ahead a bit. Poor Jordan has followed the object of his affections to Powell’s City of Books, and straight into the sci-fi section. (heh) After working up the nerve to open his mouth and say hello, this happens.


At first I didn’t think she heard me, but slowly she turned her whole body to face me. “Why did you stalk me from the deli?”

It felt very hot in the sci-fi section all of a sudden. “Because I want to know you.”

She raised her eyebrows and grinned.

“You seem like an intriguing person.”

She kept grinning at me, her perfect yellow eyebrows raised. I felt like a bird in a cage, the door open and a cat’s grinning face in front of me.


1964901_291017347718117_2097582438_nAnd I just realized that I haven’t shared the blurb for this story! I have no explanation, so I’ll just share it now.

Jordan Pond graduated from high school a year early. He didn’t know he’d have three weeks to fill before his first day of classes at the community college. He also didn’t know that during those seemingly endless weeks he’d have an awkward painful experience at Powell’s City of Books that might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him, even if it causes him to question everything he thought he knew about himself.


Thanks for reading!

Come back on Tuesday, when I’ll be hosting a cover reveal for Lou Hoffman’s upcoming book Key of Behliseth! The story sounds cool, and the cover is purty.


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It’s not stalking if you’re a nice guy…

Hello snippetteers!

Here’s another one from It’s Not Our Fault. It’s the solitary paragraph between the two I’ve already given you (after this one, and before last week’s, to be precise).


Jordan’s in the cafe, watching Nay eat her cinnamon roll.


And I did want to know her. I also thought I could fall for her, so I wasn’t sure if I should talk to her. Too scary, the thought of chasing such a cool and confident girl. Failure, royally crashing and burning, was my norm where girls were concerned. I did want to know what kind of underwear she wore, what color sheets she slept on, and if it’s true that you know a real blonde when you see one intimately. The chances of any of that happening were nonexistent. Twice while she was eating she looked up, coincidentally right at me, but I kept my head down like I was absorbed in the sports section and everything was cool. I hung around while she ate her cinnamon roll, and when she left I followed her.


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Following up on the feels…

Happy Caturday!

I went through the galley proof for “It’s Not Our Fault” today! I already had a huge soft spot for those two kids, but the editors at Harmony Ink helped me polish the story and now it really shines. I can’t wait for September, so I can share it with everyone!

Since I got sideswiped by the Jordan/Nay feels today, this snippet is from their story. I’ve skipped a few sentences past their last snippet, hopefully it’s as easy to follow as… a hot chick out of a café.


I hung around while she ate her cinnamon roll, and when she left I followed her.

Out on the street, it was easy to stay close without getting caught. I didn’t want her to think I was a stalker or anything. I kept my distance, watching the back of her head, hypnotized by the heavy swing of her hair, so I didn’t notice where she was going until she went into the green entrance of Powell’s City of Books. I thought I’d have a joygasm when she stopped to browse in the sci-fi section, but I managed to maintain my composure and settled in to browse there too. How was I going to get up the nerve to talk to her, a goddess, a goth, sci-fi, masturbating goddess?

I’m not worthy.

I’d started to talk myself into leaving when a girl came up and gave her a hug; she called my goddess Nay.


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My hiatus is officially over…. i think…


Okay, that took longer than I thought it would!


I passed all my exams, earned a shiny new degree, and also got a job! I’ve been super busy the past few weeks, but things are starting to calm down (unless I just jinxed that by saying it :)).



So now that I’m back, here’s a snippet from my as-yet uncontracted speculative LGBTQ YA novel. Almost all of the rejections have been positive, so I’m still hopeful Psyche & Co. will find a home. Find more snippets from this book here.

This snippet skips some sentences of substance after the last one I posted. (Heh, alliteration.) I’m keeping anything that could be spoilery off the blog for now so it couldn’t be helped. (I think. If something’s already slipped there’s not much I can do about it, ‘cuz the tubes never forget. :))

The first dialogue is Cam’s, he and Psyche are still on the phone. I know this all sounds cryptic. I’d apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere. 😉


“You could’ve said no anytime.”

“I know.” She thought about what they’d done, the kissing and groping, and what everyone thought they’d done which was much more. She wanted to apologize but knew how that would sound, so she didn’t. Which left her with nothing to say.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” She wanted to see him right now but since he “knew about her” it would only be frustrating.


 Thanks for reading!

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A new friend…

Chapter one

Happy Caturday!

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be sitting for my last final exam (or at least on my way to that long-awaited, mythical place). In that spirit, I’m sharing from a new story today—it’s so new it doesn’t even have a working title yet.

This is 8 from a bit of flash I wrote to get to know my main character, Sam Baker, a little better. The first line is her older brother Josh, who’s not always a jerk but is pretty much a normal brother—he truly enjoys tormenting her.


“What are you doing, Samantha?”

“Making a list. Why, you writing a book?”

“What kind of list?”

“None of your business.” Ten more days until Josh would leave for college—two thousand miles might be far enough to keep him from poking his long pointy nose into everything I do.

“Things you wish you hadn’t done? You could start it with kissing a girl, and end it with kissing a boy.”


Thanks for reading!

On Sunday I begin my life as a non-student (that’s a word!) and I plan to bat clean-up on Psyche’s story before I go any further with Sam’s. Depending on how that goes, next week I may share a little more from Psyche’s future world.

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A magnetic bit of snippetry…

gingerbread-cookie-in-the-shape-of-a-heart-with-yin-yang-symbol-913-824Hiya all!

It’s snippet time again! Check out two amazing groups of writers, at Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday! But since you’re already here you might as well read mine first.  🙂

Here’s another 8 sentences from my short story “It’s Not Our Fault.” It picks up immediately where last week’s leaves off (you can read that snippet here).

She chose the cinnamon roll and even though she wasn’t a tiny little person (from my vantage point behind a line of people waiting for their lunch orders she looked taller than me) it was so big it didn’t fit in her palm—the icing glistened under the store’s florescent lights, like her lips. I wasn’t hungry anymore, but as I watched her pay for her food and sit at the table in the exact center of the dining area, I realized I was going to stay. I got an organic soda and sat at the counter. With a newspaper open in front of me I felt free to savor every detail of her; her hair, the yellow of the yellow crayon, fell like a fountain around her head, perfectly chin-length except for the window framing her angelic face. She wore just enough black eye makeup without going overboard, and her silver bangle bracelets and rings caught the light as she brought bites of cinnamon roll to her pink lips. It wasn’t easy to keep from staring at her. She ate her roll with a knife and fork and as far as I could tell didn’t leave one crumb, even on the napkin she used as a plate. She wasn’t what you’d call classically beautiful, but she had a magnetic attitude that shouted, yes, you want to know me; yes, you’d be lucky to know me.


Thanks for reading!

In case you missed my scream when I opened the email, Harmony Ink Press contracted this story. It’s scheduled for release on September 4, in the First Time for Everything anthology!




It’s not our fault…

Two-Colored Heart Puzzle Showing Previous Engagement And Missing Romance

Happy Caturday all!

I’ve missed snippeting with you, so I decided even with 21 days left in my final term, I wouldn’t let myself get too busy to partake. This week I’m sharing from a different story:  It’s Not Our Fault. This strange little story is out on submission, and if it’s really lucky it may find a home in Harmony Ink’s First Time for Everything anthology. It’s a Contemporary, but still has a surprise or two!

“It’s Not Our Fault” is narrated by Jordan Pond. He graduated from high school a year early and found the three weeks between his best friend returning to school and the day classes start at the community college to be a tad boring.

I almost left before she even came in, but for some reason I lingered over the crumbs of my cake and the dregs of my cappuccino. I hadn’t believed in fate any more than pairing up before then, but something kept me in that chair.

I saw her as I got up to leave, holding a bottle of berry-flavored tea in one many-ringed hand and chewing on her pinkie fingernail. She stood at the bakery counter, trying to decide between a cinnamon roll and a muffin. Eventually, she used the time-tested “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” method. At first I thought she might’ve been a boy, which still would’ve been cool but in a different way. Anyone wearing a black hoody sweatshirt with that sign safety-pinned to the back over black jeans and heavy black boots had to be cool, but a girl…I had to know her. The sign was a square of black fabric with lettering in white Olde English script, each word capitalized with a flourish, like you’d expect the first letter of every chapter in a first-edition Dickens novel to look. The solitary sentence read: It’s Not Our Fault Your Children Masturbate.


Thanks for reading!

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